There are many different ways to achieve your charitable goals through the Community Foundation of Mississauga, some of which may offer significant tax benefits for you. We hope you will explore some of the helpful information below to find out more about different ways you can make a charitable gift to start or add to a fund. We are pleased to work with you and your lawyer, accountant, life insurance agent, financial planner or other professional advisor to find the approach that suits your particular objectives and personal situation.

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Gift of Cash

For many donors, an outright gift is their immediate choice to start or add to a fund. When a donor makes an “outright gift” of cash or property to the community foundation, every dollar goes to work the moment it is given, providing vital current support to local programs and/or building endowment funds (and generating ongoing endowment income). An outright gift gives a donor the satisfaction of seeing their gift at work and knowing that lives are being touched right now because they cared. If you are starting a fund, please feel free to contact the Foundation office and our helpful staff will be able to assist you promptly. Some donors also wish to make a gift of any size to support our Mississauga Fund, the Foundation’s annual programs or our endowed fund for operations. We can accept a gift by cash, cheque or credit card. You may also wish to take advantage of safe, secure and cost effective on line giving. To make a gift on line using Canada Helps, please follow this link:

Online Donations

General Donation Form


For many people, creating a fund through a charitable bequest is an important option and frequently the opportunity to make the most significant gift possible. And a well planned charitable bequest may result in tax savings. There are a range of assets that can be gifted through a bequest and there are a variety of ways to structure the gift. Many donors appreciate knowing that a bequest that creates a named endowed fund creates a lasting legacy and an enduring source of support for charitable causes that have been important throughout their lives.

Gift by Bequests

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Insurance can offer donors of even more modest means the opportunity to create a significant charitable gift to establish a fund with the Foundation. Next to a charitable bequest, it is one of the most common ways for donors to make a deferred gift to the Foundation. And nearly everyone is familiar with insurance. Donors can choose from gifting ownership of an existing policy or naming the community foundation as beneficiary. There are also interesting ways to structure a gift of life insurance to include wealth replacement when estate planning.

Gifting Life Insurance

Appreciated Securities

Many donors are now gifting securities to establish their fund. That’s because when listed securities are donated, none of the gain is taxable. Appreciated securities can provide a tremendous opportunity for donors to maximize their charitable gift.

Donating Securities

Charitable Remainder Trust

A Charitable Remainder Trust can be funded using a variety of assets and can create opportunities for both personal and charitable gift planning. While not as well known as other forms of chartiable gift planning by many donors, there may be circumstances where a Charitable remainer Trust is right for you.

Charitable Remainder Trust

Of course, there are more options available for donors. To help you compare and review some of the choices you can make, please see this helpful resource:

Gift Planning Matrix