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Vital Signs is a national program led by local community foundations and coordinated by Community Foundations of Canada. It leverages local knowledge to measure the vitality of our communities and support action towards improving our quality of life.

On September 19, 2018 the Community Foundation of Mississauga will launch Mississauga’s Vital Signs. This marks the fourth time the Foundation has released Vital Signs for the benefit of Mississauga. The 2018 release is of significant importance to as it benefited from the reinstatement of the long form census in 2016.

The Foundation is thrilled to present Vital Signs on September 19th at the Mississauga Valley Community Centre. For more Information please click here

The report helps our community identify where we are doing well and where we want to target philanthropy for greatest impact. It is our hope that the information in the 2018 report will inform, inspire, and generate conversation. Please consider what you might do to build a strong and vital Mississauga for all of us now, as well as our children and all who follow us.

Mississauga’s Vital Signs measures the quality of life in our community, identifies trends and shares opportunities for action. Mississauga’s strengths and most pressing needs are examined across thirteen distinct indicators: 

Crime Prevention – This set of indicators is concerned with the safety found in Mississauga’s communities and neighborhoods. The Foundation provides crime rate, crime clearance rate and neighbourhood watch data to provide a snapshot of Mississauga’s level of safety.

Wellness – Is the section of vital signs that is concerned with how physically and mentally healthy Mississauga is. By taking a look at public health data and sharing the most important indicators the Foundation hopes to provide residents of Mississauga with a look at how

Youth Well-Being – This section is concerned with how well our children and youth are faring in Mississauga. Vital Signs will provide data around youth engagement and feelings of belonging as well as youth unemployment and youth physical and mental health.

Education – Data here is reflective of the level and quality of education our youth and post-secondary students receive in Mississauga. There is also attention paid to the costs and need for child care in our city. By analyzing the education level of our city the Foundation is able to provide an idea of well-educated the city is.

Housing – The section on housing in Vital Signs is concerned with housing affordability in the city. By sharing how much families and individuals are paying for housing and what these costs amount to as part of the household budget the Foundation provides insight into how affordable of city Mississauga is to live.

Newcomers – Mississauga has the largest growing immigrant population in Canada. Newcomers pour into our city through a variety of different means. Vital Signs hopes to provide insight into who these newcomers are and how they fare in our city. 

Arts and Culture – The robust arts and culture sector in Mississauga is thriving. Vital Signs provides information about the robust offering of arts and culture programming available in the city. Information and data is also provided to understand how the arts and culture sector in Mississauga helps to transform our urban environments, shared spaces and vibrant culture.

Environment – Vital Signs provides data and information around how Mississauga is working to create a more environmentally friendly city. This section provides information and data around how Mississauga is creating a more sustainable city through sustainable development.

Income – Is concerned with the growing gap between the rich and poor in Mississauga. In this section information around income levels in the city will be shared. By providing this information Vital Signs is providing information those in the city need if they hope to address the divide in our neighbourhoods between those who have and those who do not.

Food Security – Highlights and shares important information about access to food in Mississauga. The section is informed by data collected from Mississauga’s food banks and sheds light on the need for good food in our city and its increasing costs.

Labour – In Vital Signs the work section is concerned with the labour force in Mississauga. Vital Signs shares data and insights into the diversity of our work force and unemployment.

Community Belonging – Vital Signs shares information and data around how well people in Mississauga feel like they belong and feel included in the city. This data is important to the city and its residents because studies show that the more people feel engaged and included by their city the more they become involved in it. As more and more people engage with the city and its resources other social determinants of health and wellbeing increase as well. 

Getting Around – This is a section of Vital Signs that will share commuter data for Mississauga. It highlights how people get around this city, how our public transit is utilized and how Mississaugans are taking advantage of more active, environmentally friendly ways of travelling.

We will update this site when our new Vital Signs report becomes available in 2018.

We last released Vital Signs in 2015. You can download a copy of this document by clicking the image below.

CFofM Vital Signs 2015 Website Button 
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