What does the Community Foundation of Mississauga do?

Canada's Community Foundations do three key things to build community vitality:

  • Vitality depends on long-term resources for long-term solutions—so we work with donors to build endowment funds that ensure vital futures for communities.
  • Vitality comes from all corners of a community, so we grant funds to the widest possible range of organizations and initiatives.
  • Vitality needs leadership, so we bring people together from all parts of our communities to stimulate new ideas, build participation and strengthen community philanthropy.

What makes a Community Foundation unique in its approach?

There are many organizations working for better communities, a few important factors make our approach special:

  • We bring donors to the table as community builders, and help them formulate and realize their philanthropic goals, matching their interests and concerns with community needs and organizations, and finding innovative and responsible ways to give their investments lasting impact.
  • We take the broadest view of what a community is and what it needs to succeed. This is why our grants support everything from shelter, sustenance and care for those most in need, to recreation, the arts, and the environment.
  • We take the long-term view for our communities: we identify long-term needs and opportunities and invest in sustainable solutions, helping our communities become resilient, resourceful, and ready for the future they want.

Who gives to the Community Foundation of Mississauga?

Individuals from all walks of life who appreciate the flexibility, cost effectiveness and community knowledge provided, give through the Community Foundation of Mississauga. Charitable organizations place their endowment funds with the Foundation in order to realize greater returns and minimize their costs through the professional management of the funds. Corporations make donations to demonstrate their commitment and support for the community.

Why do people choose to create a fund with the Community Foundation of Mississauga?

We know the community. We help donors realize their philanthropic goals by providing expertise in charitable giving options. We demonstrate our community impact and ensure accountability in all of our activities. A donation can build an endowment fund that keeps giving forever and creates a permanent legacy honouring the donor's philanthropic goals.

How can I participate?

Your gift can address the community issues you care most about or create a family legacy that will be remembered and appreciated by future generations. Your gift can be unrestricted, designated to a specific area of interest or charity, or named to honour a family member or a friend. Or you may create a fund where you can stay involved each year in helping to choose which charitable projects your fund will support.

What kinds of gifts does the Community Foundation of Mississauga accept?

Many kinds of gifts can build endowments. Among the choices are: cash, bequests, life insurance policy, stocks, bonds, appreciated securities and real estate. We can help you choose the kind of gift that best suits your situation.

Does the Community Foundation of Mississauga have funds for different purposes?

Funds can be set up to match the specific philanthropic goals of the donor or meet specific needs in the community.

How are the endowments managed?

The Investment Committee of The Community Foundation of Mississauga manages the capital as outlined in its Investment Policy. The committee is comprised of a team of staff and volunteers whose professional expertise includes extensive experience in current markets and a strong sense of fiduciary responsibility.

How are grants distributed?

Grants are distributed annually based on the donor's original intent. Some funds have named the charitable organization which is to receive the annual grants, some grants are determined annually by the donor advisor and some donors have chosen to delegate the selection of annual grant recipients to the Granting Committee of the Board of Directors. In this case, the Community Foundation of Mississauga Grantmaking Committee will call for proposals for these funds. This committee assesses proposals and makes recommendations to the Board for final approval. A strict conflict-of-interest policy guides the Board and committee members in their deliberations.

Can our organization apply for a grant?

Your organization may qualify for a grant from The Community Foundation of Mississauga. Visit the Grant Seekers pages to find out more.