Many families enjoy activities like family games night, trips to the zoo, seasonal gatherings, sporting activities and movie nights just to name a few. Your family may have created treasured traditions of shared activities that become the deepest and most lasting memories. We hope that as families, the time we share through these activities strengthens relationships, teaches values and helps our children build on their potential to become happy, contributing adults.

Family philanthropy is another activity that you can share, that has the potential to become one of the most important times you spend together. And arguably, no other activity we undertake has the potential to also build lasting and positive change in our lives and in our community. The time you share can provide your family with the opportunity to talk about values, build a better future for their community and be more thoughtful and planned in their charitable giving or volunteer efforts.

The Community Foundation of Mississauga has created a resource called “Generations” for families who would like to find out more. This guide, while designed for families to use, can also be helpful for individuals that want to explore their philanthropic goals.

Generations (PDF)

Families turn to community foundations for the convenience, tax benefits, and privacy that donor-advised funds can provide them and for the advice, experience, and expertise that community foundation staff can provide their giving programs. It’s not uncommon for families to use multiple charitable vehicles in the service of various charitable goals, and the resulting “philanthropic toolbox” will often involve a community foundation. Indeed, families with family foundations frequently seek out community foundations for their program expertise, as potential collaborators, and to grow and support philanthropy in a specific area or region.

National Center for Family Philanthropy, Washington