Mississauga Emergency Relief Fund Grant

The Community Foundation of Mississauga has launched the Mississauga Emergency Relief Fund to raise and distribute emergency assistance funds to charities in our community to support COVID-19 community responses. Together, we will work to quickly to approve and release funds to charities experiencing an increase in need or to assist with an emerging need.

If you are a registered charity, serving the community of the City of Mississauga and in urgent need of support as a result of COVID19 you are invited to make an application. Grants will be made up to $5000. We have mobilized a rapid response grant review team, so that we can respond quickly to all grant requests.

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For futher Community Foundation of Mississauga COVID-19 Response updates, please click here.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Who can apply?

Registered Charities serving Mississauga.

2. What needs are you funding?

  • Basic needs - food and essential services
  • Support for seniors
  • Housing, homelessness and shelter support
  • Mental health supports
  • Capacity for community services
  • Low income populations dealing with access to food, hygiene, housing and other basic needs
  • Socially isolated population
  • Children & Youth
  • Support for volunteers
  • Support for Arts, Culture & Heritage
  • Other critical needs

3. What is the value of the grants?

Grants are valued up to $5,000.

4. When will grants be reviewed?

They are reviewed by staff and volunteers on a weekly basis.

5. How will we receive the grant funding?

Successful grants will be transferred to charities electronically.

If you are receiving a grant, we will follow up with you for electronic transfer financial details.

6. Will we be required to make a report on this grant?

Yes, guidelines are as follows:

1. Funding Impact

What impact did these funds have on the community?

2. Final Budget

Please share your final project budget. If you spent money on items other than listed in the initial description, that is okay, but please let us know how dollars were allocated.

3. Learned Experience

What has your organization learned during this time of response? Do you believe that in the future you will be ready to assist the community again, with or without additional funding? Why or why not?

4. Additional Information

We would appreciate receiving any photos and/or stories of this experience with your report.

For more information contact:
Lorraine Crow, Manager, Grants and Community Initiatives

[email protected] for an email or phone response.